Vision and Goal: Or how to execute, execute, execute.

Tue May 30 2017

I’m pretty sure most humans have a vision of what they want their lives to be like. Healthy, wealthy and wise. Those are common visions. The vision is the big picture, the long term and the somewhat unquantifiable overall, overarching idea of what a life well spent should be, and there usually is no specific date. Its good to have a strong vision. You need a sense of where you are going, what you are trying to achieve. Ok, vision is good.

If you want to achieve that idealized big picture, DON’T CONFUSE IT WITH GOAL. The only way to achieve that vision is by knowing that goals lead the way to vision. Goals are short term, actionable, measurable and quantifiable. Without clearcut and short term goals, you are left with this giant mountain of fuzzy dreams with no real pathway to the summit. Goals are the path to salvation my friend. They will guide the way.

Example time!

VISION: A human being wants to be an author. In other words, “I want to support myself financially via writing.”

GOAL: Write one page a day. PERIOD. No matter how trashy and awful, just bang it out. Do not judge.

So here is what happens. This particular human starts to write and of course at first, its sh*t but they keep chugging along. As the days keep turning, the habit builds, the momentum starts to pick up, they find themselves re-editing and re-reading passages. Now after about one month, its less sh*tty. Keep going. Now after two months, its a lot less sh*tty. So goes it until one day its a good story. Now they start researching on “how to self publish” and with the power of the internet, they’ve published their very first ever real-life story. Maybe its a collection of short stories, or an entire novel but the book is done. Its not the Great American Novel, hell maybe its a novella or some poetry but the important thing is that the habit and momentum led to the publishing of a work. This human was able to execute. If one keeps doing this, the money will come. If one gets on google and does some basic research on internet marketing, one can definitely pay the bills via writing.

You are a writer or an artist or a programmer or whatever you want to be, the day you wake up and start doing that thing. It can be working through an intense React.js tut on Youtube or scribbling in a sketchbook for three hours or waking up early, getting some coffee and doing some research on how to start an organic farm but the lesson is that through action and habit (goal) you are well on your way to vision. I guess thats how this quick blog post can be summed up…

Goal leads to vision.